Solo Traveler’s Diary: A Sneaky Journey to Discover Bangladesh’s Largest Waterfall, Tinap Saitar

Shams Nahid
3 min readOct 18, 2023


Tinap Saitar, the largest waterfall in Bangladesh, was once shrouded in mystique, accessible only through arduous multi-day treks. However, a game-changing development by the Bangladesh army altered the landscape of adventure in Bandarban. In this article, we share our incredible journey to explore Tinap Saitar in just one day, a feat once considered both astonishing and impossible.

Very Unusual Preparation

Tinap Saitar had long held a reputation as one of the most challenging hiking routes in Bangladesh, typically requiring four to five days to reach. Its untouched majesty was preserved due to its remote location, but that was about to change.

The Bangladesh army, in pursuit of its undisclosed objectives, developed routes deep within the heart of Bandarban. These routes remained unpermitted and hidden from the public eye, leaving the mighty Tinap Saitar still untouched and hidden from most trekkers.

The allure of conquering Tinap Saitar in a single day proved irresistible, and a small team of adventurers, including myself, decided to take on this audacious challenge.

The first step was securing weeding invitations from tribal communities. These documents would serve as our legitimacy if we encountered the army or other authorities. To blend in and avoid suspicion, we also included a few amateur tourists in our group.

The Extraordinary Journey

Our journey was a combination of bus, jeep, boat, and motorcycle rides, peppered with exhilarating treks. The route involved traversing a maze of landscapes, crossing rivers, and navigating challenging terrain.

As is often the case with such adventures, not everything went according to plan. In an unforeseen twist, an informant tipped off authorities about our expedition to Tinap Saitar. Our drivers had to abandon us on the opposite side of a river.

Resourceful and quick on our feet, we managed to defuse a potential encounter with the army by presenting the weeding invitations, which had been our insurance against such situations.

After securing alternate transportation, we reached the base camp, bringing us within a two-hour hike from the crown jewel, Tinap Saitar, the grandest waterfall in Bangladesh.

Tinap Saitar’s untouched grandeur had long eluded explorers, but our one-day trek shattered the constraints of the past. It was a day filled with challenges, surprises, and the satisfaction of conquering a mighty natural wonder. As the sun dipped below the horizon, we headed back to Bandarban, our hearts filled with the indomitable spirit of adventure. Our journey to Tinap Saitar served as a testament to human perseverance and an enduring love for exploring the unknown.